Custom end-to-end solutions, ensuring efficient delivery and effective results

Collaborate directly with the client to understand their business needs and technical specifications they envision for their product

Utilize the Agile development cycle to ensure the final product is aligning with the needs of the client.

Provide regular demos, reports, and updates to create a transparent line of correspondence with the client. Iterative versions of the program will demonstrate progress on key functionality, with testing and bug-fixing throughout.

Deliver and integrate the solution with any existing systems

Support the product throughout initial deployment

Passionate Self-Driven Teams with
Extensive Global Experience

TechGap Italia prides itself on the comprehensive, interdisciplinary knowledgebase within its employees, ready to develop creative solutions to challenging projects with their high level of technical skill. Projects reach a global scale, with experience on many international projects

Agile Development

The Agile methodology allows for improved collaboration and efficiency between the development team and the client, allowing the team to quickly react and iterate the product to fulfill the vision of the client. Drawing upon our extensive experience across several economic sectors gives us the capacity to implement this methodological approach. Agile development streamlines development, eases communication and increases team collaboration to accomplish the goals of the project.

Proprietary Software Consulting

Thanks to our longstanding technological partnerships, we have become experts in software solutions from products currently on the market (IDM, Fuse, OpenShift). Our consultancy services implement and integrate these products into your systems.


Through years of experience, our solutions and tools have been optimized to meet the growing needs in supply chain logistics, post-sales management and firm asset traceability for the most efficient time-to-market process available.

Semifinished products

In working directly with our clients, we are committed to cost and time optimization. Our team has developed a series of “semi-finished products”, solutions that serve a base functionality which is tailored to meet the unique need of our customers.

Asset Management

iKeep is an RFID industrial traceability system to track products within a supply chain in real time. This system can automatically generate management reports, asset analytics, and any malfunctions in the supply process.

Tracing & Tracking

Along with iKeep, the TRusTTM App is designed to connect its users directly with producers. This platform gives producers the opportunity to showcase their unique products while users discover the stories and origins behind the production process.

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