Who we are

We want our work to make a lasting impact

Tech Gap Italia has been an international leader in Information Technology, providing analysis roadmaps, planning and developing end-to-end IT projects and technological solutions to meet the dynamic needs of a growing marketplace.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to set the industry standard for excellence

We will find the find the best solutions to your business needs, giving you the technological tools to meet the demands of the international market.

Add value

We add value to your business through a blend of three core values

Attention to details


…to our customers’ needs and ideas to identify the best solutions moving forward

Substantive solutions


…those solutions for our customers to achieve their business goals, providing concrete pragmatic technological solutions corresponding to their business environment.



…complete solutions utilizing the best of our resources, guaranteeing the highest quality and dependable systems now and into the future.

Our partners


Tech Gap Solutions (TGS), a software house based in Romania, collaborates with our Team to develop TRusT ™, a Web App which consisting of a story-telling, tracking and tracing software platform.

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We collaborate with Anoki, a consulting company operating in ICT for over 10 years, exchanging industry knowledge, developing synergies and increasing our skills to strengthen our IT knowledgebase.

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ITKIUS the International Traditional Knowledge Institute, U.S. Division, supports TRusT a Web App which consists of a story-telling, tracking and tracing software platform, enhancing its of the traditional knowledges used in the supply chain.

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